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Have you ever had a look at Animalia’s online shop?

Jenni Pekkala, Animalia’s fundraiser, asked all the organisation’s many different volunteer groups around Finland for feedback on Animalia’s merchandise. Our English-speaking group is also welcome to comment! What do you think – which products are great and which ones are lame?

It is a bit difficult to find your way through the online shop, since the pages are only available in Finnish… but by clicking on the right side’s product categories (kirjat/books, paidat/shirts or postikortit/postcards) you’ll get to the product description and can see pictures. At the same time, you can practise your Finnish ūüôā

For one, I really like the new fridge magnets. A lot of Finnish people¬†have dozens of magnets¬†on their fridges and I never really got the idea behind that (Germans don’t do that), but since these ones are so cute, I might just get one for our fridge.¬†

I also have one of Animalia’s t-shirts – the “Turkistarhaton Suomi” one. All the volunteers got it at the 50th anniversary event. I have to say though, that I almost never wear it, because it is not very stylish in my opinion. The “Juhlavuoden t-paita” with the orange fox on it is my favourite of all the shirts, but I don’t like the back side of it (not shown on the website!!!), which has a long list of Animalia’s achievements – stylish front side, but not so stylish back side… I do like the “Pure Vege” shirt in army green and might just get that for myself some day. I also like the “Anna √§√§ni el√§imille” shirt, but don’t want it in white (all the other colours are sold out). So in summary, I think the t-shirts could really be improved. My wish: more simple, subtle, no funny animal pictures, more stylish. The same goes for the beanies: honestly, I would never ever wear a beanie¬†like this! But the idea is great, so for next winter I hope Animalia will have a lovely, stylish one on offer!

If you like writing letters and postcards as much as I do, you can get a lovely selection of postcards¬†– my favourite is the “Fur is cruel, love is cool” one.

What are your favourite Animalia products and what would you like to see on offer? Many comments, please!



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  1. Posted by mynameismalena on May 16, 2011 at 18:37

    I also like that postcard Tina!
    I also think the Globe Hope products are really nice and the necklesses with the animals made off glass.
    I also think the t-shirts could be more fun or cute..they could be a bit provoking but not too much. “Djurens R√§tt” the animalrightmovement in Sweden have some nice t-shirts. check this out. the text on the t-shirt say: “We just tried a bit of makeup, but she still died

  2. I agree, Tina – the beanie is awful! And it’s a shame since I really love the Save Piggy (Saasta Possu) campaign.

    I also have the volunteer shirt (Turkistarhaton 2025) which I wear to the gym, but it really isn’t cool enough for anything else. The new orange and black shirt is a step in the right direction – similar to what the WWF did with their panda logo recently (big panda on the right hip rather than smack in the center of the chest).

    I love the Titi Madam jewelry, but who wouldn’t??!

    Otherwise I have unfortunately not yet found anything else I really liked in the Animalia gift shop – I do keep checking in regularly, though, as I’d be happy to support it.

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