Summer weekend with Animalia 19-21.8.2011

Every summer Animalia arranges a short weekend-camp for its members. My first thought about this was: What an advantage! Well, how was it then? What kind of people came to the camp?


Mostly girls or women I should say. We were joking that it almost seemed like we were on a retreat. From Animalia International, there was five of us attending the camp, Tina, Ville,Isabel, Melissa and me. The camp was held in Tuusula by a lake called Rusutjärvi and the accommodation was luxurious, we slept like babies…

The beach. Unfortunately the water was apparently too green to swim in.


Kati telling us about first aid for animals.

The programme was great. On Friday evening we had a cooking-course with Inna Somersalo, known for her vegan cooking-books. Cooking together was a great way to learn to know each other and we also learned to do some new dishes, like for example how to make seitan. I really liked the action in the kitchen! You see, we were quite many and everyone was working on different dishes…

On Saturday Animalia’s new head of communication, Vesa Saarinen  gave a very good speech on how to interact with people in social media. It was really interesting.  There were lots of  speeches and discussions during the camp. For example Kati Pulli, the head of Animalia, told us how Animalia work internationally and there was a lawyer, Minna Ruotsalo who learned us a lot more about the law for animalprotection in Finland.The atmosphere was really open and you could always ask questions, the volunteers were also asked to tell their views on things and visualize about the future. We came up with some new ideas. The municipal-elections are only a year away and we should start working on our campaigns soon…

Maria Halonen, the author of the book 10 askelta parempaan vapaaehtoistoimintaan (10 steps towards better voluntary work ) came to visit the camp on Sunday and gave us nice tips on how we and the whole organisation can improve our work and get more active volunteers.

There were also time for funny, not at all silly, games, sauna and many very nice meals, we even had a bean-party on Saturday where we sung some nice songs with animalfriendly lyrics. The food was done by Ruskanväri, a small vegan catering-business from Tampere. It was DELICIOUS.

A bean-party, not a crab-party!

All in all, it was a great weekend! Best of all was meeting my dear Animalia International friends again. Our blog has been quite silent during the summer but I am sure it will blossom up pretty soon, since it seemed like everyone had a lot on their minds and hearts!



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  1. Great events like these lift the spirit! I had a lovely time 🙂 Maybe we could arrange a big event like this in English some day – if we get enough English-speaking animal lovers together!

  2. Really nice post, and nice event indeed, English please next time 🙂 Thanks to my lovely personal simultaneous interpreters. As Malena said it was great to see you there guys, we missed Siddharth and Dario ofcourse.

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